Premier livestock equipment built for farmers

We at S&B Custom Innovations welcome all customers who my be interested in our HerdPro Line of equipment for all types of animals big or small.  We pride ourselves with quality built to last equipment.

Discover optimal solutions for your livestock requirements.

Our extensive selection of cattle equipment caters to all your farming needs, from feeding and handling to presenting your finest livestock at shows or markets. Whatever your cattle requirements, we’ve got your back.

When you can’t find precisely what you are looking for, there’s no need to worry. Our team’s experience in creating custom solutions tailored to your unique farm needs makes us the best choice for high quality livestock equipment. 

We understand that each farm is different, which is why we pride ourselves on delivering equipment that’s perfectly suited to your livestock operations. The best farm management always starts with dependable cattle equipment. That’s why we offer only top-rate products, ensuring your livestock is well-cared for, and your operation runs smoothly. As the premiere provider of livestock equipment Ohio, we’re committed to
assisting farmers in streamlining processes, improving efficiency, and ultimately, contributing to their success. 

Enhance your cattle management experience with our parallel squeeze chute, complete with a manual headgate, head holder, and palpation cage. Designed for versatility and ease of use, this innovative cattle handling solution streamlines your livestock handling process, ensuring animal safety and worker efficiency. Our squeeze chute gives the ultimate combination of performance and value.

custom showing of our gates

Experience the perfect blend of functionality and durability. with our custom gates and panels, designed specifically to meet your unique requirements. We understand that not all barns, are the same, and that’s why our tailored approach to gate and panel manufacturing is focused on delivering personalized solutions for a perfect fit.

herdpro crowd tub

Explore our extensive range of cattle handling equipment specifically designed to meet every aspect of your livestock management needs. We understand the importance of essential farming tasks, from ensuring safety to maximizing operational efficiency. Our diverse selection of cattle handling equipment aims to simplify your agricultural routine and
increase productivity.

2x10 feed bunk

Metal feeders to outlast the roughest of animals.  Hang on feeders and feed bunks available.

Bale feeder

Standard 10′ x 7′ bale feeders to hold your large square bales or round bales.  Skis on the bottom for the ability to move to different locations.

Headlock Panel

A variety of choices for panels to contain your animals.  Choose headlock panels fully adjustable to slant or z bar panels.

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always improving

We at HerdPro are always making improvements to our designs in order to meet our customer’s needs and safety.


We build items our customers need and want.  From Buffalo / Bison feeders and handling equipment to the portable alleys and chutes.

portable trailer for holding cattle, large and sturdy
HerdPro Hay Elevator

hay elevators

We make hay elevators to meet your barn needs.  Ask us about our elevators and wheel kits that are available.