• 6′ long panel with four openings
  • Adjustable cut down bar
  • 6 foot by 6 foot pen that pins to feed box
  • Full width feed pan
  • Clear vinyl weather flap
  • 1,000 lb feed capacity



  • 60″ Width
  • 54″ Height
  • 120″ Length
  • Shipping weight 520 pounds


Creep Feeder and Gate Set

This creep feeder and gate set is a complete system for pasture or pen use to start the transition of calves from cow’s milk to grain. The front panel features 4 reduced width openings and adjustable cut down bar that is set to only allow the smaller livestock (calves) through keeping out larger animals (cows) out. The side panels connect the front panel to the feed box creating a 6 foot by 6 foot pen for the calves while they are eating. The large capacity feed box holds approximately 1,000 pounds of feed to allow for feeding large groups of calves. The feed is funneled out to a full width feed pan that is regulated by an adjustable metering gate. The feed pan is also protected by clear vinyl weather strips to help keep feed clean and dry. Whether you are feeding ground feed, pelletized feed or anything in between this feeder provides an excellent way to transition calves in a low stress environment.

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