• 4 wheel construction with 5th wheel type steering
  • Slip hitch for easy hookup
  • 54″ tall Z bar side and end panels to provide 39 feed openings
  • All steel formed with tapered sides and raised center
  • Welded in manger
  • Removable rear gate hinged at both sides
  • Large capacity 7 foot by 20 foot standard
  • Custom sizes available



  • 84″ Width
  • 57″ Height
  • 288″ Length
  • 2,000 pound Weight


tires sold separately

Cattle Feeder Wagon

These all steel feeder wagons are designed to be the most versatile type of hay feeders available. They feature 4 wheel construction and a fifth wheel type steering system which makes them stable and easy to maneuver with fewer moving parts. They are easy to transport on all types of terrain allowing you to fill them where the hay is and use them where the livestock are. They allow you to efficiently feed all types of baled hay either small square bales, large square bales, or round bales. They are also great for both dry or wet (baleage) bales. These wagons feature a large capacity to accommodate multiple bales at one time reducing labor costs. The “Z” bar side openings reduce competition at the feeder so all animals get a chance to eat at the same time. Welded-in steel mangers keep hay centered in the feeder promoting feed savings by making the livestock reach in to get the hay. The feed pans are formed with tapered sides and raised center to keep feed within easy reach. The feed pans also keep the hay off the ground reducing contaminated hay and catching any hay that animals drop. These feeders are offered in smaller sizes to be used with smaller livestock. Long horn versions are available with no “Z” bars but instead with an adjustable feed rail to accommodate those long horns.

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