• Keeps livestock out of feeder
  • All steel formed and welded pan construction
  • Movable to any location
  • Feed pan formed with tapered sides
  • 10″ deep feed trough
  • Single or double sided



  • 42″ Width
  • 54″ Height
  • Variable Lengths
  • Shipping weight 400 lbs
  • Slant bars or Z-Bars can be used


customized to your needs

These all steel feeders are designed to be used in a fence line feeding situation. This keeps you and your livestock separated during the feeding operation. It also reduces wasted feed by not allowing livestock to stand in the feeder. The “Z” bar side openings reduce competition at the feeder so all animals get a chance to eat at the same time. The feed pans are formed with tapered sides to keep feed within easy reach. With an extra large feed capacity it is ideal for feeding all types of rations from grain, or hay, to total mixed ration (TMR) or silage, and even complete feeds and hay cubes. These feeders are also offered in a double sided version that works great as pen dividers or just heavy duty feed bunks that promote reduced feed waste.

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