• 2′ and 4′ metal feeder
  • All steel formed and welded
  • Easily hangs on any tube or wooden fence or gate
  • Feed height adjusted based on the gate bar heights
  • Sturdy 5″ wide heavy gauge hangers with securing hole
  • Large capacity 10″ deep trough
  • Clips to hold feeder on gate



  • 14″ Width
  • 10″ Height
  • 24″ or 48″ Length
  • Shipping weight 25 lbs
  • Will hang onto to any HerdPro Gate


gates sold separately

Streamline Feeding with HerdPro's Hang-On Feeders

As a premier provider of cattle feeding equipment, HerdPro offers a diverse selection of livestock feeders, such as our Hang-On Feeder to feed your sheep, goats, calves, or cows. These resilient steel feeders are designed with durability and practicality in mind. These easy to move, easy to adjust feeders deliver convenient feeding locations to suit your facility needs.

HerdPro’s Hang-On Feeders, offering the ability to mount to any board fence or tube gate in your facility. Our commitment to providing quality livestock feeding solutions is evident in our quality steel feeders that deliver feeding locations designed to your facility needs. Choose HerdPro for high-quality, durable, and practical livestock feeding solutions.

Durable Feeder

Tired of the plastic feeders that cattle like to stand in and break.  Look at a feeder that is durable and will feed many cattle at once.  Hang on wooden fence outside or on a gate in the barn.

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