• Easy to use
  • Fully automatic head catch
  • Infinite locking positions from heifer to cow
  • Operations from either side
  • Sheeted neck rails for blocking light (Calf neck rails available upon request but not included)



  • 38″ Width
  • 73″ Height
  • Shipping weight 250 lbs
  • Greasable pivot points
  • Will bolt to any HerdPro Chute


chute sold separately

At HerdPro, we believe in facilitating seamless livestock management. Our easy-to- operate, fully automatic head gate for cows is a testament to this aim. Featuring adjustable neck gates and a positive locking system, enhancing convenience and control for the user. The operational flexibility from either side further accentuates its appeal to those managing cattle farms.

We’ve incorporated intelligent design features like sheeted neck rails to block out light and calm animals during procedures. Our head gate for cattle also ensures durable functionality with greaseable pivot points and compatibility with any HerdPro Chute. Heavyweight yet simply structured; it is an innovative, reliable solution in livestock management. Trust in HerdPro to streamline your cattle management necessities. HerdPro’s Automatic Headgate is also the only one of its kind to work seamlessly with HerdPro’s Head Holder.

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