• Dual-opening, removable side gates
  • Fully automatic head gate
  • Slider on the back of the chute
  • Side Restraint and trim pole
  • Operations from either side
  • Greasable pivot points
  • Calves or Feeders up to 900 pounds



  • 32″ Width
  • 76″ Height
  • 80″ Length
  • Shipping weight 700 lbs


Backgrounder Chute

The chute for working your smaller cattle up to 900 pounds.  Dual opening side gates, head gate and slider included on the chute.

The BC900 Backgrounder Chute is an intuitive tool that is a great tool for working your smaller cattle. This chute has dual-opening side gates that are also fully removable offering complete access for treating or grooming your cattle. Side restraints and trim poles keeps cattle in place with the side gate removed. The BC900 accommodates cattle up to 900 pounds. Its small lightweight design provides you with a low-cost option for your calves and feeder cattle.  It is also a great trainer grooming chute for youth ranchers that are working with their show cattle and fair projects.

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