• Infinitely position parallel squeeze from 30″ wide to 12″ wide
  • Self catching rear crowd bar on upper, lower and palpation doors
  • Built in palpation cage 
  • Operations from either side
  • Sheeted bottom section
  • Neck injection access
  • Built in scale mounting pads
  • Rubber flooring with center supports and nonslip cleats
  • Head holder available
  • Can be installed with any headgate



  • 38″ Width
  • 82″ Height
  • 132″ Length
  • Shipping weight 1,300 lbs
  • Greasable pivot points
  • Will bolt to any HerdPro Headgate


Headgate sold separately

SC 5800 Demo

The SC5800 includes all the features you will need to handle all sizes of cattle.  Easy to use and with low noise to keep cattle calm.  Demonstrated with the Manual Headgate,  the Head Catcher and Rear Control.

The SC5800 HerdPro Heavy Duty Cattle Squeeze Chute incorporates an infinitely number of positions that parallel squeeze from 30″ wide to 12″ wide. Included on the chute is a built-in palpation cage that narrows down with the squeeze of the chute. Added features include sheeted bottom side gates with self catching rear crowed bar tabs, upper gates also include self catching rear crowed bar tabs as well as allow for neck injection access. The palpation cage doors open fully, to allow entrance into the chute behind the cow for vet or AI work. With additional features like, quiet and calming rubber flooring with center supports and non-slip cleats, built in scale mounting plates, and many different rear gate options to choose from, the SC5800 boasts complete flexibility with outstanding features.

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