We at S&B Custom Innovations welcome all customers who my be interested in our HerdPro Line of equipment for all types of animals big or small.  We pride ourselves with quality built to last equipment.

Our products

We have it all from feeding, to handling, to showing your animals.  If you don’t see what you are looking for, then contact us and we can customize it to your needs

Parallel Squeeze Chute with Manual Headgate, Head Holder and Palp Cage

Custom gates and panels made to your specific requirements

Cattle handling equipment to fit every need

Metal feeders to outlast the roughest of animals.  Hang on feeders and feed bunks available.

Standard 10′ x 7′ bale feeders to hold your large square bales or round bales.  Skis on the bottom for the ability to move to different locations.

A variety of choices for panels to contain your animals.  Choose headlock panels fully adjustable to slant or z bar panels.

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always improving

We at HerdPro are always making improvements to our designs in order to meet our customer’s needs and safety.


We build items our customers need and want.  From Buffalo / Bison feeders and handling equipment to the portable alleys and chutes.

HerdPro Hay Elevator

hay elevators

We make hay elevators to meet your barn needs.  Ask us about our elevators and wheel kits that are available.