• All steel formed and welded for durability
  • Easily hang on any tube gate or wooden fence or gate
  • Sturdy 5″ wide heavy gauge hangers with securing hole
  • Keep hay off the ground
  • Large capacity, 18″ wide at the top down to 4″ wide at the bottom



  • Sizes 22″, 42″ and 48″ Width
  • Shipping Weight 50 pounds


These heavy duty feeders are designed to be easily moved by simply hanging on a fence or gate. The wide top holds a large amount of hay that is funneled down to the bottom so that it remains easy to reach by even to smallest of livestock. The narrow 3 inch wide opening helps keep the hay in the feeder and off the ground while still allowing plenty of access for feeding. The vertical slat spacing are straight up and down and open at the bottom to keep the smallest of livestock from getting injured if they do get their heads inside the feeder. This makes it a great choice for all sizes of livestock big or small. With an extra large feed capacity it is ideal for feeding all types of hay. This feeder also works great above our hang on feeder to form a combination hay and grain feeder.

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