WC1600 Cattle Work Chute

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Herdpro Sticker

Herdpro Chute with Headgate

Item #A1070        MSRP $1,100.00

Great for treating cattle’s every need while making it safer for you and them


  • Easy to use dual opening side gates with slam-lock latches
  • Hardwood rough sawn lumber floor with center supports
  • Chute is designed for full sized cattle to calf
  • Quick rear guillotine gate with pulleys
  • Operate from either side of the chute
  • Angle front capable of installing other types of head-gates


  • 38″ wide
  • 76″ tall
  • Shipping weight 600 lbs
  • Grease able pivot points
  • Painted and can be powder coated for additional charge
  • Bolts onto all HerdPro Head Gates
  • 1.90″ steel pipe construction saddle-cut and welded



Head Gate Sold Separately